We look forward to meeting you and receiving your application for admission.

Step 1 - Speak to our Admissions Team

The admissions process begins after completing an online inquiry form. Our Admissions team will reach out to you after receiving your inquiry  form to provide you with an opportunity to learn about our educational program and vibrant school community. Curriculum, philosophy, community service, special subject areas, clubs, and extended day programs are just a few of the topics discussed.

Complete an Inquiry Form

Step 2 - Application Form & Fee

To initiate the formal application process, parents submit the application form and fee. When the application packet is complete, the school will contact parents to schedule a date for the prospective student to visit. The application deadline for new students is January 4. Any remaining open spots will be filled on a rolling admissions basis.

Begin Application

Step 3 - Student Visit

A student visitation allows staff to observe, assess, and recommend appropriate placement. Shortly after a prospective student visits, the student’s application is brought before the Admissions Committee for consideration. Families will be contacted by our office to schedule the student visit. Download the Release for School Records form and give to student’s current school for completion and return as indicated on the form.

Release for School Records

Step 4 - Admission Decision

Families will be notified of the school’s admissions decision at the end of February. 

Haddonfield Friends School admits students without regard to race, color, religion, and national or ethnic origin.