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In the Early Childhood Center (ECC) at HFS, we believe that all young children learn through play. Through this medium, our teachers provide and seek those auspicious moments to perpetuate natural curiosity within children—the catalyst that prompts their questions, ignites their passion to explore and discover, and sets the stage for their Lower and Middle School experiences.

Children progress through three grades in the ECC, beginning with the Swallowtails (ages 2-3), followed by Skippers (ages 3-4), and Monarchs (ages 4-5). Teachers use thematic weeks and centers to provide a multidisciplinary approach to learning both in and out of the classroom. Through our curriculum, children have the opportunity to develop in critical areas so they emerge from the ECC fully ready to continue their educational journey as learners. Students must be 2 by the first day of school to enroll in the Swallowtails program. 

Gross and fine-motor skills
Social-emotional skills
Literacy, writing and math readiness
Hands-on STEM experiments
Basic understanding of social studies, world history and cultures
Health and physical education
Exposure to and appreciation for the Arts, Music, and Spanish language

The ECC curriculum is also enriched with special field trips, artists-in-residence, guest speakers, and once-a-month participation in all-school Meeting for Worship, which our little ones enjoy with their older “buddies.”

Our nurturing, warm environment provides ECC children with a feeling of safety, connection, and self-worth to their teachers and fellow classmates. Once children discover this trust, we believe there is no limit to learning. Through planned and purposeful play, our teachers help develop the skills needed for life—problem-solving and resolving differences using words, expressing needs and feelings constructively, developing friendships, and working cooperatively with one another – all while growing in self-confidence as they learn.

Please reference our school calendar for school year dates.  If you are interested in attending our summer camp program, please see information here.

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