Tuition & Fees

2021-2022 Tuition (Tuition includes trip & activity fees)

Grade Tuition¹ TRP²
K-4th Grade $18,600 $401.76
5th & 6th Grade $18,700 $403.92
7th Grade $19,400 $419.04
8th Grade $19,500 $421.20

Early Childhood Program

Five Full Days Mornings
Monarchs Program:
(ages 4-5 years)
$17,600 $13,500 N/A N/A
Skippers Program:
(ages 3-4 years)
$17,600 $13,500 $9,700 $6,600
Swallowtails Program:
(ages 2-3 years)
$18,000 $13,900 $10,100 $6,800

Add an afternoon (12:00-3:00) to a morning program; $950 per day

You choose which day(s) – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

TRP to be calculated on all tuition at the rate of 2.16%

¹Multiple Child Discount): Families who enroll more than one full time student for the 2021-2022 school year and do not receive financial aid, will receive a 5% tuition discount for each sibling after the first child. “First child” is the oldest child enrolled. A full-time program indicates the student attends for 5 days a week.

²Tuition Refund Program (TRP) Insurance: Families are required to purchase this. The premium is equal to 2.16% of the tuition cost and payment is required when the enrollment contract is submitted.

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